The Art of Producing Top Wines in India

Every tasteful and flavored glass of wine is the perfect evidence of a craftsman work in the process of producing the best taste of wine for its wine lovers. At Four Season Vineyards, we are proud to have Abhay Kewadkar as the Director and Chief Winemaker. Being the first Indian winemaker, he has taken the landscape of the wine industry in India to the next level. Abhay works as the leader of our team of winemakers, which brings a unique blend of flavor, aroma, and superior taste of our top wines in India. Producing incredible wines is all about being born passionate and that is what we are. We carefully go through the process of producing best wines right from the vineyard to the winery and then to the glasses resulting in that ultimate sensory burst on the tip of your tongue after taking the first sip of our wine.


Though we believe that anything is good only to some extent and can leave its adverse effects if utilized extensively. Therefore, we comprehend our responsibilities towards the society and thus, support various programs, policies, and practices to address issues that are related to the misuse of alcohol. As a manufacturer of top wines in India, we motivate the wine lovers to be a responsible wine consumer in order to enjoy the beverage.

We produce different varietal of top wines in India including reserve, classics, and blend. Our reserve wines are processed through best quality grapes that are harvested in our vineyards. But, what makes Reserve wines apart from the Classics is their saturation. As with our Classic wines, grapes for Reserves also go through the fermentation process followed by alcoholic saturation. Furthermore, our Reserve wines are heavier in their structure in terms of a decent concentration of soft and ripped tannins that are aged for a period of one year. A range of tempting aromas and flavor of vanilla complexes during the aging process of wine in the wood barrels.


What makes Best Indian Wines?

Wines! The oldest drink ever known to mankind and essential part of celebration for families and friends. It is becoming a trend now days to include wines in every celebration whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or a wedding party; everyone accompanies each other for drinking wines. Best Indian wines are made by fermenting freshly harvested grapes where the sugar in the grapes is converted into alcohol through the interaction of yeast. The yeasts, either naturally present on grape skins, or added by the winemaker, convert the natural sugars in the pulp of the grape into alcohol.


Best Indian Wines can be classified on the basis of its color. Every different color wine has different procedure and ingredients from other.

  • White wine- White wine is actually not white but a yellow-gold color. It is produced by the alcoholic fermentation of the non-colored pulp of white or black grapes. Among all wines, white wine is the most common.
  • Red Wine- It is made up from quality black grapes. The red color comes from anthocyan pigments present in the skin of the grape; exceptions are the relatively uncommon teinturiervarieties, which produce a red colored.
  • Rose Wine- A rose is a type of winethat incorporates some of the color from the grape skins, but not enough to qualify it as a red wine.

Best Indian Wines are not just a way of celebration but a moderate consumption of wine is also good for health. Let’s take a look.

  • Long Life: Wine drinkers have a 34 percent lower mortality rate than beer or spirits drinkers.
  • Fewer chances for heart attack: Moderate drinkers suffering from high blood pressure are 30 percent less likely to have a heart attack than nondrinkers.
  • Anti-aging: Specifically, resveratrol was the compound found to have the beneficial effect. The resveratrol in wine comes from the skins of red grapes.
  • Cuts Risk of Colon Cancer: Moderate consumption of wine (especially red) cuts the risk of colon cancer by 45 percent.

Anything in excess is not good. So, with moderate consumption make wine as a healthy drink. Thus, How much wine you can drink in one sitting before the health benefits turn into dangers depends on many factors, including the person’s size, age, sex, body stature and general state of health, as well as whether it is being consumed with food or on an empty stomach.

Undertaking The Innovativeness Of Best Indian Wine As Well As Their Great Taste

There is something nonchalant and refined around a man who knows his wines and who is at home relishing and drinking the nectar of the divine beings. What may not be extremely evident to numerous is this is an expertise that can be learned and aced past simply thinking about best match of sustenance with best Indian wine which is being served in extraordinary event. On the off chance that you are sufficiently blessed to live close to a grape developing range, you have a decent chance to take in the better parts of wine sampling with next to no expense to you.


This is on account of a hefty portion of these wineries conduct wine sampling visits absolutely to teach their business sectors and to grow more clients for their wines. Wine sampling today can be made less entangled by winery or vineyard visits where you will have the opportunity to taste an assortment of wines, with somebody who knows wines personally giving you a short anecdote about the characteristics of the wine being served. Hear him out precisely, particularly the part when he sings gestures of recognition to the wine being tasted right now. More than ten unique wines might be served amid these sessions. This is all exceptionally well and great however in the event that you are only a novice and not by any stretch of the imagination a master, your head can turn both, actually and metaphorically, from the liquor in the wine. Take notes to help you recall, without being self-evident.

The craft of wine testing is truly thankful and every one of these visits for these territories individuals to see well about each one of those alcoholic stuffs which are being put away on to huge compartments for better maturation. The greater part of the general population discover extraordinary taste of best Indian wine as it contains the mix of India and additionally an awesome drinking knowledge which the vast majority of the people look about. Every one of these items are getting wide introduction into the business sector further helping the vast majority of the general population to invest quality energy and to help their disposition by tasting the magnum opus.

Indian Wine Brands To Also Receive Huge User Recognition Among Society

Wine Bottles have a great significance hence mostly gets lost among the numerous which come and it turns out to be simply one more blessing. This might be alright if the individual you are gifting to is simply one more individual and not somebody uncommon or the event is not exceptional but rather in the event that you are celebrating with an extraordinary individual or the event is additional unique attempt our customized wine containers and make it a Blessing which is recollected. Individuals love customized wine suppresses so much that they never end opening them or on the off chance that they do they never wind up tossing the vacant jug. They simply continue top up it.


With the expanding rage of wines among all people, it is getting to be style explanation to have data about wines. The greater part of the general population invest their parcel more energy with wine to either commend something or they adore it taking while being discouraged because of some reasons. Thus we can say that the wine has phenomenal components of being fit in each minute and it likewise builds the fellowship among individuals. The greater part of the people want to choose best wine in India as to demonstrate their status into the business sector and it makes them separate from other standard people.

Be that as it may, Indian culture has negative musings over the utilization of wines and its creation however it has been an old school story. With the expanding corporate society, Indian young people are getting to be fanatic of all these wines which have been put away for long time and being utilized to serve for specific event. A large portion of the general population likewise utilize best wine in India for gifting reason as to make the things important for long time. Different bars and different territories are additionally saved which are getting gigantic client thoughtfulness regarding go through their upbeat minutes with assortment of wines.