How Wine in India Travels from Grapes to Glass?

The wine has always been a way of expressing the feeling of joy and celebration.  A wine is an alcoholic beverage which is prepared from the ripped grape juice. Loyal occasions like anniversary and birthdays are incomplete without opening the bottles of wine in India. Even if you are going for a vacation trip with your family or friends, you enjoy different tastes of the wines.


How wine in India is prepared?

The bad taste of good wines is prepared from the ripped grape juice having the chemical property which is when mixed with the fragmented sugar, becomes alcoholic beverage. Depending on the variety of the grape and its region, the quality of wine is extracted through the harvesting process that varies in time, method, and technology. But whatever may be the quality of wine that is being produced, it goes through the common process:

Pick the grapes- Picking up the best quality grapes is the first step in the process of preparing wines. Most vineyards would prefer the white grapes and then look forward to red varietals. Picking up of the grapes can be done manually or by the machines. Then the grapes are collected in a bin and transported to a crushing pad.

Crush the grapes- After collecting the grapes and transporting them to the crushing pads, the stems of the grapes are removed and the grapes are crushed through the machine to extract the juice from it, which will later be processed for preparing wine.

Ferment the grapes into wine- This is the process where the sugar is fragmented to convert it into alcohol. The techniques are used according to the quality of the grapes and the quality of wine the vineyards wants to extract. At this stage, the flavor of the wine is decided, i.e. a red wine or a white wine.

Age the wine- Various tools and techniques are used to age the wine in India such as duration, container, and barrels.

Put the wine into a bottle- Once the flavor of the wine is ready to serve, they are processed for getting poured into the bottles.

So, enjoy the different flavors of wine. Cheer!


Author: Four Seasons Wines Ltd.

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